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Komfy Premium Bike Seat Cover
Donna Davis (Williamsburg, US)

Easy to install and comfortable. Good value.

Komfy Premium Bike Seat Cover
Shell (Elk Grove, US)

Works great for peloton

Highly recommended

Used on the peloton. Saved my ass.

Komfy Premium Bike Seat Cover
Cat Nguyen (Redwood City, US)
My Booty Thanks You

This helps soooo much! I can focus on hitting those milestones rather than fidgeting my booty with the seat.

Komfy Premium Bike Seat Cover
Larry Chase (Springfield, US)
As advertised

Satisfied with feel and function of this item


5 Essentials For A Comfy Bike Seat At Spin Class

by So Komfy August 27, 2016


You signed up for your first spin class / indoor cycling class, now what?

To optimize your class time, here are 4 great tips to make the most out of it:

  1. WATER BOTTLE - Make sure you don't leave home without it and that you have at least 32 ounces.  PRO TIP: Use a water bottle without a straw to avoid bacteria growing in the straw. Always wash your bottle after each use.
  2. COMFORTABLE CYCLING SHOES - This is a must! Bring your own shoes that properly fit your feet.  PRO TIP: Get your feet fitted for cycling shoes at your local cycling shop vs buying online without trying them on. Every shoe is different and some have European sizing. Try before you buy!
  3. CLEAN TOWEL - Make sure you put the towel in a convenient place on your bike where you can grab it and wipe the sweat off your face and arms when needed.  PRO TIP: Make sure you have a few clean towels so you can wash them often. Don't ever use a dirty towel as it can cause your face to break out.
  4. Heart Rate Monitor - Once you start using a heart rate monitor, you will wonder why you went so long without using one. It is critical to measure your intensity level and heart rate zones. PRO TIP: Make sure you get one that goes around your chest vs a wearable around your wrist.
  5. HIGH DENSITY BIKE SEAT COVER - Everyone complains about how uncomfortable the seat is on a spin bike, but there is a solution to this problem.  While you may hear that your butt will get used to the bike saddle, this is actually not true. You may be getting used to the pain, but the the damage an uncomfortable indoor cycling seat can cause can be detrimental to your health.  PRO TIP: We recommend you use a medium/high density foam cycling seat pad, not a gel bike seat cover, to help prevent against saddle soreness, numbness, soft tissue pressure, sit bone pain and other discomfort to make for a comfy bike seat. Our Komfy bike saddle cushions are carefully designed for these needs.

Pedal On!
Team Komfy

So Komfy
So Komfy


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