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Joint-friendly - Health Benefit Of Cycling Workouts

by So Komfy November 29, 2016

Joint-friendly - Health Benefit Of Cycling Workouts.


Cycling is low-impact, making it an effective workout that is easy on your joints. Cycling requires many of the same movements as running (and provides the same benefits)  without the pounding and stress on your body. If you are like many individuals who do not enjoy running or crossfit style workouts because of knee or joint pain than cycling is for you. There is no jumping or pounding pavement involved with these programs and you still receive the same great benefits of those other workouts.

Cycling is less painful and less traumatic than the track, treadmill, stair stepper or elliptical machine and is often used as corrective exercise and rehabilitation training for those with stress injuries caused by running.

If you have arthritis and think you should pass on exercise, think again. With your doctor’s approval, cycling could be the key to lifting your energy level and your mood, as well as helping to protect your joints. When you cycle, you will be building up your leg muscles, and this helps support the knee joint. Stick to the seated and limited standing core movements. The jumps and some of the other more advanced movements can be tough on the knee joint.

Cycling improves strength, balance and coordination. It may also help to prevent falls and fractures. Riding a bike is an ideal form of exercise if you have osteoarthritis, because it is a low-impact exercise that places little stress on joints.

Cycling does not specifically help osteoporosis (bone-thinning disease) because it is not a weight-bearing exercise.

As Healthline points out, “A lifetime of walking, exercising, and moving takes a toll on your cartilage. The degeneration of cartilage can cause chronic inflammation in the joint.” Indoor cycling allows older adults to get a great heart workout without forcing them to exert too much pressure on fragile joints.

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