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Great seat cover

I used it on my recent century ride and my butt was comfortable the entire ride.

Komfy Seat

Great seat!



Good Product!

Was looking for a little cushioning for my sit bones on my road bike saddle, and this did the trick. Fits snugly on the saddle, doesn't slip or move around. Seems to provide more cushioning that gel covers I've seen. Very happy, so far!

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Most Comfortable Bike Seat Cover - Get Komfy

by So Komfy April 08, 2017

Many of our customers purchase our Komfy bike cushion seat covers, also known as bike saddle cushions, spin bike seat covers or other similar names. 

Regardless of what you call it, the goal is to provide extra cushion and support to help prevent against saddle soreness, numbness, soft tissue pressure, sit bone pain and other discomfort to make a comfy bike seat.

Our customers use our Komfy bike seat covers on their indoor cycling bike (spin bike), mountain bike and road bikes.

bike cushion seat cover

Komfy bike saddle cushion only use breathable, open-cell high-density foams made with premium quality materials to ensure durability and comfort. We do NOT use gel bike seat covers.  Gel bike seat covers are too soft, fluid, lumps over time and moves away from pressure area.

The Komfy bike seat covers have a 60-day money back guarantee. We also have FREE Shipping and FREE Returns on all Komfy spin bike seat covers or bike cushion seat covers shipped to the USA!

So Komfy
So Komfy


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