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Wash Your Bike Seat Cover

by So Komfy June 17, 2017

Do you use a bike seat cover?

If you are using it for spin class or biking outdoors, we bet you sweat a ton and that sweat seeps inside that bike seat cover.

You need to wash that bike saddle cushion to:

  1. Keep it smelling fresh
  2. Prevent bacteria from growing
  3. Prevent fungal issues (eg. jock-itch)

Think about this...
When you get out of the shower, do you decide if you're going to re-wear yesterday's underwear based on how many hours you were awake? 

Make sure you wash all your cycling gear that you sweat from spinning including washing your bike seat cover.

Keep in mind, you cannot wash a gel bike seat cover. Yes, that is disgusting and would be like never washing your underwear!

The Komfy bike seat cover was designed to be machine washed. You can either air dry or throw into the dryer.  You can't do that with a gel bike seat cover. Yuck!.

So Komfy
So Komfy


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