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Komfy Premium Bike Seat Cover


I had knee surgery and once healed I tried cycling for the first time a few weeks ago and almost gave it up. Someone told me just to buy a seat cover and I'd be fine. I read the reviews for Komfy Premium Bike Seat Cover and was a bit skeptic because I couldn't understand how a seat cover would ease the pain during an hour of cycling class. I purchased a Komfy seat cover and received it within days. But from the first use I got some relief and by the 2nd & 3rd use I forgot all about the pain and continued enjoying my new cycling journey. I absolutely love Komfy Premium Bike Seat Cover and it was well worth the investment and I will recommend it to all cyclers. Best product ever!!!

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Comfy Komfy Seat

This Komfy seat cover is much more comfortable than the seat that came on the Peloton bike. I would highly recommend this seat cover .

New to Peloton... Get this cover

I recently bought a Peloton stationary bike. Due to my lack of riding seriously in some years my bum was not quite used to the seat (which is far more comfortable than any racing saddle). I decided I need a little more padding on the bike seat until I lost a little of the padding on my seat. The price was a little higher than ones on Amazon but I read the reviews and pulled the trigger. Couldn't be happier. Very Komfy and seems very durable. Already washed it twice. I do let it air dry. My hope is it will last a little longer not being exposed to the heat and tumbling. Anyway, if you have a Peloton and want a little more padding, I highly recommend.

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