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Why Customers Love Komfy

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Great Seat Cover!

When I received my stationary bike I was surprised how uncomfortable the seat was.
As I was looking into seat covers, I came across a comment on a different website. They bought a seat cover but returned it. Recommended Sokomfy.
Thought I’d give it a try. Love it, very comfortable!

Excellent Seat Cover

I recently purchased a Peloton and was desperately searching for a more comfortable ride. I’m so glad I stumbled on Komfy Premium Bike Seats- they have been a game changer!

It’s good! Glad I bought it

It does the job - I don’t even need to wear bike shorts with this seat cover and that actually makes the ride even more comfortable. But I don’t know how to care for it, i.e., can I wash it?

love it

super comfy, great fit



What is your return policy?
Please see the more details on our Returns and Refund page. We have a 60-day NO HASSLE money back guarantee!

What kind of shipping is used?
Please see the more details on shipping on our Shipping page. We ship using the United States Postal Service using First Class parcel shipping. We have FREE shipping and FREE returns to addresses in the United States.

Is the Komfy bike seat cover for both men and women?
Yes, Komfy is anatomically correct for men and women.

What bikes can I use the Komfy bike seat cover on?
The Komfy bike saddle cushion is designed to ONLY fit narrow bike saddles. It will NOT fit wide exercise stationary bikes.  According to our customers, the Komfy bike saddle cushion fits these indoor cycling bikes:

    • Peloton Cycle
    • ProForm Studio Bike Pro
    • Schwinn Indoor Cycle A.C. & I.C. (all models)
    • Sunny Health Bikes
    • NordicTrack Studio Cycle
    • Keiser M3+ Indoor Bike
    • Spinner® Bikes (all models)
    • Stages Indoor Cycling (all models)
    • SoulCycle Bikes
    • Flywheel Bikes
    • LaMond RevMaster (all models)
    • Lifecycle (GX)
    • Other narrow saddles measuring less than 6 inches wide x 11 inches long

What outdoor bike can I use the Komfy bike saddle cushion on?
The Komfy bike saddle cushion is designed for all narrow bike saddles. It will NOT fit wide or cruiser style bike seats.  We recommend using the Komfy on narrow bike seats measuring less than 6 inches wide x 11 inches long. 

    What are the dimensions of the Komfy bike seat covers?
    The Komfy bike cushion seat cover is 5.7 inches wide and 11 inches long. The Komfy bike saddle cushion is designed to go around the front of the bike seat to create a split nose effect.

    Why don't you use gel in your bike seat covers?
    Gel bike seat covers are too soft, fluid and lump to one side over time. The majority of gel bike seat covers use gel because the gel material is very cheap and feels soft to the touch. This makes people think gel makes the most comfy bike seat for biking or for use in indoor cycling class, but after people really use it, they realize it does not make any difference. Most importantly, you cannot put a gel bike seat cover in the washing machine! Our Komfy bike seat cushions can be thrown into the washing machine and dryer when ever needed to keep smelling fresh.  

    Head over to your nearest cycling retailer and check out their high-end road bikes and padded cycling shorts which don't use gel. If gel bike seat covers were so great, all of these products would use gel. High-end bike saddles and padded cycling shorts use medium/high density foam for shock-absorption and protection from impacts and vibrations. Medium/high density foam products with varied densities provide the support your body needs. The Komfy bike cushion seat cover only uses these medium/high density foams with varied densities and thicknesses that are correctly positioned on the seat.

    How do I put on the Komfy bike seat cover on my bike saddle?

    1. Put the front of the cover over the front of the nose of your bike seat.
    2. Pull the cover all the way snug against the tip of the bike nose.
    3. Pull the remainder of the seat cover around the back of the bike seat.
    4. Pull the draw strings tight and adjust the stopper so it is secured tightly.

    How do I wash the Komfy bike seat cover?
    We recommend hand washing or using a machine washing on warm to keep your Komfy bike seat cover smelling fresh. To dry, simply let your Komfy bike saddle cushion air dry or tumble dry in the dryer with low heat.  Being able to throw your Komfy bike seat cover into the washing machine and dryer is one of the main reasons our customer buy our Komfy bike seat cover!  You can't throw a gel bike seat cover into the washing machine and dryer because those it will destroy a gel seat. 

    You can also wipe your Komfy bike seat cover down with a non-toxic, non-bleach cleaning wipes.