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Best bike seat cover!

Great seat cover! If you ride you know how uncomfortable the seat can become especially on those long rides. This seat cover is perfect. Stays in place very comfortable! This is NOT one of those crappy gel seat covers. I highly recommend this seat cover!!!

It is definitely an improvement over mans bike seat on peloton, but i had to put another seat cov...

loved it.. was worth it, but put it under my female bike seat pad and now Peloton bike seat is comfy. If you are thin, this will do trick on its own!

No Pain!!

Perfect for Peloton Bike! Just go for it!!

So much comfort

I recently bought a spin bike and instantly realized I could not sustain with the hard seat. The Komfy gel seats makes a huge difference.

Komfy seat cover

Awesome cover! Saved my tush from the Peloton seat. 😊

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